Tired of Arena Riding and Going In Circles? Are you ready to get your horse out on the trail and really experience nature ? Let us get your horse trained and ready to safely ride the trail.

Our facility, located on 140 acres along the Finley River and is perfect for turning your horse into a trail riding machine. When your horse is through training you’ll be ready to ride almost anywhere.

Our trainers provide weekly video updates via email so you can see your horses progress along the way.

Our location along the River is perfect for getting horses accustomed to riding outside the arena and preparing them for things encountered along the trail. We are experienced horse lovers here and enjoy and respect each of our equine guests. We are not here to cowboy your horse into submission, but instead to build their confidence and trust in themselves and the leadership of the rider.

Our trainers start by working with simple obstacles in the arena. Simple but scary stuff like tarps, teeter totters etc. We move on from there to riding out in open ground and work steadily toward becoming comfortable and safe on more challenging trails. We spend time with your horse climbing up muddy inclines, down rocky slopes and being exposed to wild turkey, deer etc. Most horses gain more trail experience here in 60 days than they otherwise would in several years.

Your horse will gain the confidence and experience required to remain composed in almost any trail situation. Our goal is to get your horse riding safely and confidently out on the trail and in the arena, both alone and in the company of other horses. We want your horse to reach a level of experience on the trail where instead of feeling panic when encountering a new situation they are curious and confident. They learn to think out the challenges.

At the end of training, whenever possible we encourage owners/riders to spend time riding their horse with our trainer. This way when you take your horse back home you are comfortable and confident and and the beginning of a true partnership has been firmly established.

We’re told by clients that riding your horse with the trainer on the trail is one of the most valuable things they take away from having their horse here.

Don’t have a trailer? No problem! We’re happy to arrange for or provide transportation for your horse if needed.

Need some instruction or a refresher or just need a little help to get comfortable with your horse? We offer lessons and instruction on your horse too.

Call or Email to get your horse trail ready!

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